Kristina & Kirk
tie the knot in

Our Love Story...

If we had to tell you one thing about us... it would be that we're so thankful. Thankful that God brought us together. In life you interact with a lot of
different people, but only once in a lifetime do you find someone who is your perfect match. We're so excited to be getting married and most of all
excited to share our lives with one another. We are also grateful for the support of our family and friends over the past two years and feel blessed
to have you all in our lives. We look forward to sharing this special moment with you!

I do!

Kristina Kohuth08.07.1994

Kristina is a brilliant, strong willed woman that is successful in everything she does. When we met, it was impossible to deny our compatability and common interests.

I really love her incredibly unique blend of talents, interests, and personality. She's an intelligent scholar, always excited about exploring new things, and a genuinely loving person. She's become my best friend and biggest supporter.

She's everything I've always dreamed of and I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with her!

Me too!

Kirk Main03.13.1993

The first thing that attracted me to Kirk was how much he valued his family and how hard of a worker he was for everything that he wanted. Before we dated I knew that he would be the man to stand strong by my side who shared my love of family. After a few weeks of dating, I knew that Kirk was my soul-mate.

I am so excited to spend the rest of my life standing next to him and watching him grow as a man in his endeavors. I’ve stood by his side while we both graduated college, started new jobs, began graduate school, and now I am so excited to stand by his side as we make our love known to the world.

Today and always, beyond tomorrow, I need you beside me, always as my best friend, lover and forever soul mate.

AUG 15 2012: The hello

Kristina began her second day of college, and by the end of that day, the man she would marry 5 ½ years later posted on her facebook wall to welcome her to college.

They chatted casually and left it at that, for they did not know what was in store!


AUG 18 2013: The fire

Kirk had been working at Florida Atlantic University in his new role for 3 months while Kristina began her first year as an Orientation Week Leader. The two were reacquanticed by Kirk's roommate, Brian Liddell.

They connected and Kristina proceeded to cook Kirk a tasty dessert at his home, not before catching Kirk’s oven on fire!

AUG 23 2013: The talk

Kirk slaved away the night before making a pot of chili “for himself”, while he really made it to share with Kristina. They stayed up most of the night talking about their future and what it potentially meant for them as a couple.

SEP 19 2013: The fight

Kirk orchestrated a unique way for the families to get to know each other- what better way to introduce someone than shooting each other on a hot Florida day? The Kohuths and Mains joined together for a tiring morning of paintball and grabbed some beer afterwards. Since then it has become a regular occurance to see Mains and Kohuths battling side-by-side.

OCT 25 2013: The horror

Kristina and Kirk were enjoying each other's company and decided to get out of their comfort zone. Off to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studio's Orlando Resort, they took a first of many vists to Universal's Minions and Disney's Mickey Mouse.

DEC 15 2013: The dinner

Kirk and Kristina hosted a dinner at Kirk's new townhouse for both of the families to celebrate the holidays together in Jupiter, FL. Using his secret Jack Daniel's Chicken recipe, he impressed all that attended.


SEPT 23 2014: The blossom

Kristina and Kirk decided to get a dog- but not just any dog! They wanted the perfect dog that would grow with them. Kristina's manager at her pharmacy had been fostering a number of pups and Blossom was among them. When Kirk and Kristina went to visit her, it was true love at first sight.

OCT 11 2014: The games

Kirk started a new initative at Florida Atlantic University that encouraged gamers to join together and raise money, duly named 'The Owl Games'. The project exploded and Kristina quickly volunteered to help with the project. Since then, the project has grown into an FAU tradition that is always growing and currently led by Kirk and Kristina.


MAR 1 2015: The snow

Kristina surprised Kirk with a trip to visit his cousins in New York for Spring Break 2015. On top of that, Kirk had never seen snow before and Kristina was very interested in making sure Kirk did not ever want to move up north! Turns out, Kirk likes snow.


FEB 6 2016: The plan

The next iteration of The Owl Games came around and it was the focus of Kristina and Kirk's work for months, leading up to the spectacular event. Kirk had secretly planned with his close friends to propose to Kristina at TOG2016, but the event slightly went awry and Kirk only had a chance to ask her father for his blessing. The event in the end was a huge success, but Kirk didn't get the opportunity he was hoping for...

FEB 20 2016: The proposal

So how did Kirk pop the question? Hidden in a mountain of laundry, waiting for an unsuspecting Kristina! Kristina had been pressuring Kirk but he held strong, and refused to ask her to marry him when it was fresh in her mind. He wanted it to be a special surprise. A week prior Kirk asked for Mr. Kohuth's blessing and began planning the (second) perfect proposal. Turns out, there is no perfect plan, and you just need to seize the moment! After some good grilled chicken and drinks, the families celebrated the good news together.

The Wedding

Kristina And Kirk
Happily invite you to celebrate their wedding
at four in the afternoon

The Wedding Location

Ceremony 4:00 PM

St. Bernadette's Church

350 Northwest California Blvd. Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Reception 5:30 PM

St. Bernadette's Hall

350 Northwest California Blvd. Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

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